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GM-Genius 60R (60A) ESC 1/10 Pro+T, 2S


The new Graupner GENIUS PRO is our new generation speed controllers for the ever-demanding driver in need of more power and performance combined with real-time telemetry to monitor on-track performance.

The compact size of the GENIUS PRO makes installation easy in any 1:10, 1:12 or Crawler with sensored or sensoredles motors and is packed with features unseen in comparable products.

Programming and setting up the GENIUS PRO can be done over the air using your HoTT radio or with the optional WiFi module using your Android or Apple device. An optional programming box is also available.

Telemetry is king when you need to know the operating status of your vehicle. The GENIUS PRO generates a wide set of data in real-time like used battery capacity, main pack voltage, RPM, speed, temperatures and more. When used with our X-8N, X-8E or your own Smartphone you can monitor performance while driving. Voice notifications and alerts will notify you immediately when a certain condition requires attention.


  • Robust aluminum case design with heatsink
  • Compatible with any existing and modified models
  • Advanced software communication algorithms provide better temperature control and increases speed
  • Built in adjustable switching boost BEC
  • New setting for turbo, boost timing and time delay
  • Enhanced brake reaction mode and variable PWM allows various types of races
  • Cool FET technology and conductive PCB design
  • Programming can be done with program box, over the air with Graupner HoTT surface radio or optional WiFI module
  • Optional WiFi module can be used for firmware updates, ESC programming and telemetry monitoring with Smartphone


  • Brushless or brushed motor for operation with or without sensors
  • Battery type can be selected from the following: LiFe, LiPo, NiMH/NiCd
  • Cut-off voltage can be set in increments of 0.1 V: Automatic or 3.0 ... 7.5 V
  • Adjustable power curve: soft, linear, hard
  • Zero-timing mode (default)
  • High-speed timing mode: Boost, Turbo, Turbo Delay, +Slope, -Slope
  • Acceleration (soft gas) adjustable in 5 steps
  • Take-off power adjustable in 5 steps
  • Take-off current limitation adjustable from 0 ... 100% and OFF
  • Current limitation adjustable from 0 ... 100% and OFF
  • Modes: forward/brake, forward/brake/reverse
  • Two different reverse modes for all applications
  • Time delay for reverse gear 0.2 s ... 2.5 s
  • Reverse running with prior braking function
  • Width of the neutral point adjustable in 3 steps
  • ABS braking adjustable in 5 steps or OFF
  • Automatic braking adjustable from 0 ... 100% in 1% steps. Therefore, ideal for crawlers
  • Minimum brake adjustable from 0 ... 100% in 1% steps
  • Middle brake adjustable from 0 ... 100% in 1% steps
  • Maximum brake adjustable from 0 ... 100% in 1% steps
  • Maximum reverse travel adjustable from 20 ... 100% in 1% steps
  • Motor, brake and drag brake frequency adjustable 1, 2, 5, 8, 16, 32 kHz
  • BEC voltage 6,0 or 7,4 V – 3A
  • Number of magnetic poles can be adjusted from 2 ... 20; gear reduction ratio can also be adjusted
  • Tire diameter can be adjusted
  • Ignition suppression: yes
  • For 2 poles motors maximum 210.000 rpm
  • Motor limit 60A  or over 8T brushless


  • Connection Cables
  • Manual

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