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Graupner VECTOR - ME 109

Legendary Fighters
The Legendary Fighters are airplanes, which were flown in aerial combats; airplanes like P51 Mustang, Focke Wolf FW 190, Messerschmitt ME 109, P47 Thunderbolt or Hawker Seafury. The models can be flown as free flight model and also with the Vector Unit. On the extract of the Vector Unit there is another smaller recess, in which a M6 x 16 mm screw with an untwined nut, M6 as trim weight remains ?seated?. These models are ready to fly as free flight models and they do make fun at home or on the playground.

If you have the opportunity to fly on the model airfield, in school, on the playing field or in the sports hall, you can easily break out the small recess for the Vector Unit and fly the models with a R/C system.

Fun for the evening at the airfield

If several pilots are present, it might be a good idea to fly fox hunting with the models. One model gets a paper streamer, 1 m long attached to the model, clamp it between the wing and the cowl and then you can start. Now the other pilots are trying to hunt the paper streamer with their models. The Vector Board, from which the models are made, is extremely strong. Many crashes are avoided, thanks tothe strongness of the models. .

Flying and flight characteristics:

The models have good flight characteristics. The position of the Vector Unit is chosen in such a way, so that the model can be controlled easily. Model memory 3 is used here, and if you press the trigger switch in adequate altitude, controlling fully to the right, the models fall into a ?drift figure?, then you should unfasten the trigger switch and the model levels out again.

Centre of gravity:

Is adjusted in that way so that the model keeps the nose up, at full throttle and it ascends slightly. If you take out throttle, the model aircraft flies a slight curve and slides to the ground.


For more power you can use the Vector Unit with a stronger motor, item no. 34001.4 for instance and a battery, like item no. 78102.1, use the same propeller as before or the Vector Propeller Extrem, item no. 34001.31.A.


The assembly is quite simple, just insert the trim weight or insert the wings, the canopy and the tailplane into the fuselage, all without gluing.
The models:
    Wonderful semi-scale flight image Scale-look by photorealistic data Extremely strong by using Vector Boards Quick assembly without glue 2 in 1 as free flight model or as a Vector Unit flying model.
Kit content
    1x fuselage of a Vector Board, 8 mm 1x right wing of a Vector Board, 3 mm 1x left wing of a Vector Board, 3 mm 1x tailplane of a Vector Board, 3 mm 1x cowl of a Vector Board, 3 mm 1x Hexagon screw, M6 x 16 mm 1x nut, M6

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