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Guillows Sky streak glider 305 mm

Complete glider kit with removable wing and tail surfaces. You can assemble the model simply by sliding it into the milled cut-outs and grooves in the fuselage; For greater durability and durability of adjustment, parts of the model can be glued with acetone glue (Kanagom, L-510, UHU-Hart, etc.) or with a thin second glue.

The kit contains: fuselage, die-cut and printed wing already formed into the upright, pre-cut tail and cabin, propeller with a head and rubber bundle (rubber 3x1).

Construction tip: The tail and cab are delivered as pre-cut in a balsa board - DO NOT break out the parts! If some of the wood fibers are still "bound" to the cutting board, carefully separate the part with a sharp knife.

Care of the rubber band: Wash the new rubber band carefully in soapy water and allow to dry. Then lubricate it with castor oil (sold in pharmacies) or silicone grease to lubricate fishing lines (available in fishing tackle shops). After flying, remove the model bundle and keep it in a closed plastic bag. Lubricated rubber bundle unwinds more smoothly and with less friction - gives more power and lasts longer. It is also advisable to run the new bundle first - for the first 2-3 years, record only 80-100 turns before it can safely record more.

Wingspan [mm]: 305 ; Lenght [mm]: 280 ; Weight [g]: 14 ; RC Control: None ; Building difficuilty: S0 ; Difficuilty of piloting: P0

Wing span [mm] 305
Length [mm] 280
Weight [g] 14
Controlled functions none
Build difficulty S0
Operating difficulty P0

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