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Ultimate Racing Compak Clutch System V3 B10

This is the latest version of the Ultimate Racing Compak Clutch, the V3.

Keeping the same philosophy of a high-performance mounted clutch, all its parts have been redesigned to guarantee better performance and reliability.

Flywheel is 34mm diameter. The aluminum shoes have been redesigned, increasing the contact surface with the clutch bell, improving performance, durability and preventing it from wearing the spring and causing possible spring breakage due to friction.

The springs has also been redesigned to adapt it to the new shoes using a very heat-resistant material and thus avoid possible breakage.

The clutch is available as a complete and assembled set including flywheel, aluminum shoes, springs, nut, cone collet and shim. Ref. UR0631-B10

We also have a combo with the Ultimate Racing UR0661 Ventilated Z13 Clutch Bell with Bearings. This combo includes the clutch UR0631-B10 and the clutch bell UR0661. The part number of the combo is UR0633-B10.

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