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RUDDOG RP540 13.5T 540 Sensored Brushless Motor

The RUDDOG RP540 brushless motor is a sensor-controlled 540 brushless motor of the latest generation. The 170g light motor was made from high-quality materials. The stator laminations made of Japanese steel and a 99.9% high-temperature copper wire underline the high quality of the motor. Generous cooling openings offer sufficient cooling even on hot summer days and, in addition to the prominent silver color, ensure a corresponding look.
Technical specifications:
Weight: 165-175g depending on the winding
Voltage range: 2S/7.4V
Size: 540 = 36x51.75mm
Shaft diameter: 3.175mm
KV Rating: 3050RPM/V
Power: 190 watts
Internal resistance: 0.0361 ohms
Maximum current consumption: 49A
Rotor: 12.5*7.2
Timing: Adjustable from 20-60°
Sensor: standard sensor connector / interchangeable
Scope of delivery:
RUDDOG RP540 13.5T brushless motor
RUDDOG 200mm sensor cable black
RUDDOG RP540 manual in German and English