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Servo Brushless HBM 980 BB MG (15 Kg/0.05s)

The HBM 980 BB MG HV brushless servo is fast, powerful and very stable. The Graupner digital servo has a backlash-free and specially coated metal gear. The double ball-bearing output gear is made with a 25 toothing for the servo arms from the series with the item number 7908. The overall package ensures high precision and positioning accuracy. The milled aluminum housing is designed for optimal cooling of the new high-performance engine.
The servo HBM 980 BB MG is suitable for model making for helicopters, model airplanes and car models.
The Graupner servo can be fine-tuned to your needs using the Servo Setup software. You can find the software in the Graupner updates or here in the download area.
product features
Specially coated metal gear
With high-quality silicone connection cable
Fast, powerful and precise
Full aluminum body
Servo HBM 980 BB MG
Standard aluminum servo arm (No.7908.3)
fastening material
Technical specifications
Width [mm]: 20mm
Height [mm]: 39.4mm
Actuating time 6.0V approx. [sec / 40°]: 0.063 sec/40°
Approx. weight: 76 g
Actuating time 7.4V approx. [sec / 40°]: 0.05 sec/40°
Actuating torque 6.0V approx. [Ncm]: 123 Ncm
Length [mm]: 40mm
Actuating torque 7.4V approx. [Ncm]: 147 Ncm
Bearing: 2 ball bearings
Gear: metal
Brushless: Yes
High Voltage: Yes
Servo Type: Digital
Servo Series: HBM Servo
Length [in]: 1.5 in
Actuating torque 6.0V approx. []: 12.6
Actuating torque 7.4V approx. []: 15
Actuating torque 7.4V approx. []: 208
Height [in]: 1.55 in
Actuating torque 6.0 approx. []: 175
Width [in]: 0.8 in

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