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SANWA MT-R Transmitter 2,4 GHz FH5 + RX-483i

4-channel Sanwa MT-R transmitter with RX-493i receiver - released end of 2022, a direct successor to the well-known MT-S radio, positioned as a transmitter for the "ambitious beginner".

High Resolution RF mode: FH5
Weight: 363 g
Power Source: AA Battery x4
Only Compatible RF with FH5
*Compatible with RX-491, 492, 492i, 493, 493i
*Indicator function is compatible with only MT-5
Compatible Response Mode with SUR, SSR, SHR, NOR
SSL CODE 10 function compatible (Super Vortex Gen2 PRO, PGS servos)
* CODE 5 function cannot be used for MT-R
Quick Setup Wizard

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