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Gens Ace Soaring 2200mAh 7.4V 30C 2S1P EC3/XT60/T-Plug

    Voltage - 7.4 V
    Capacity - 2200 mAh
    Number of cells - 2
    Connector type - EC3+XT60+T-Plug
    Type of balancer - JST-XHR
    Discharge current - 30C 
    Length -  104 mm
    Width - 34 mm
    Heigth - 15 mm
    Weigth - 128 g

    Previous model: BSR30C22002S 

    Gens Ace Soaring Series batteries are designed for helicopters and aircraft. They provide stable power and will perform well even in harsh environments.
    Safety manual

    Do not discharge below 3.0V per cell. Charge only with a microprocessor-based charger in lithium-polymer pack charging mode.

    Do not short-circuit the poles, do not puncture, do not expose to direct sunlight, store away from flammable objects, dispose of in specially prepared containers.

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