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Streamline 220 Electric Glider - 2200mm ARF+

Electric Glider Steamline 220 ARF D-Power DPSTL220

The STREAMLINE 220 from D-POWER is a powerful glider model with sporty all-rounder flying characteristics. The modified RG15 wing profile and perfectly tuned EWD ensure maximum stability and good-natured flight behavior. The model can be moved quickly through all popular aerobatics and makes a good figure in the thermals. Thanks to the hinged flaps hinged from above, the glider can also fly very slowly and land safely. But best of all, the STREAMLINE 220 is incredibly fun.

The Glider fuselageis made of a painted fiberglass. The wings consist of a Styro core which is covered with balsa wood and covered with original Oracover® foil. Hull and surfaces are equipped with high current connectors - which ensures a secure contact and makes the transport of the model comfortable. The STREAMLINE 220 is delivered in the new ARF + equipment.

We deliberately decided against offering this model with built-in motor and servos. Because with the ARF + equipment, you have the opportunity to equip your sailor according to your preferences. All cable layers are completely routed, so you only need to connect your electronic components to the finished solid wiring harness and plug the cables into the fuselage into the receiver. Rudder horns and linkage are installed. Spend minimal time in the craft cellar - and maximum time at the airfield.

- sporty all-rounder with cross-tail
- flies fast and stable through all classic aerobatics
- ARF + prefabrication - extremely short construction time
- painted fiberglass hull (3-color)
- prepared for E-operation with 35er external rotor motors
- Balsa-covered wings with styro core
- From above hinged flaps
- chic surface design with original Oracover® cover
- Good visibility thanks to high-contrast block stripes on the underside of the surfaces
- MPX® high current plug installed
- removable canopy and spacious hull

Extremely high degree of prefabrication

Due to the extremely high degree of prefabrication of the ARF + equipment, the STREAMLINE 220 from D-Power is ready for the first flight in a short time for experienced modelers. All cable layers are completely laid and pulled through. The construction cost is limited to attaching and connecting the motor, controller, receiver and servos and programming the transmitter:

- Wiring harness completely installed and integrated
- Caged Carbon Motorspant with holes for 35er external rotor motors
- MPX® high current plug installed in the fuselage and wing panels
- Pre-turned linkage, all linkages fully installed
- Aluminum rudder horns on the surfaces
- Inclusive aluminum spinner
- laser cut rechargeable battery board installed in the fuselage

Technical specifications:
- Features Streamline 220
- Span: 2,200 mm
- Hull length: 1,170 mm
- Wing profile: RG15 8.9% modified
- Flight weight ca: 1625g (including motor AL3508; controller; 6 servos; receiver - without battery)

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