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ALPHA 1500 M2 - RTF 4ch 2.4GHz brushless

We would like to introduce a modernized version of the popular motor glider ALPHA 1500. Even if it is still the old good ALPHA at a glance, you will see a number of useful and very pleasant improvements from a closer look:

  • The tail surfaces are now attached to the fuselage with two screws and are removable for easy transportation.
  • The model comes in a new box with a plastic handle that you can use to transport the model to the airport and for home storage.
  • The wing halves are secured to the wire coupling by large adjusting plastic screws located on the underside of the wing.
  • Aileron servo extension cable connectors plug into sockets with latches on the fuselage.
  • The cab cover now has a pair of mechanical 'snap' locks that hold more reliably than the original magnetic.
  • Wire springs are now helping to make the propeller blades more reliable.
  • The underside of the fuselage protects the semi-embedded foam wheel when landing.

The ALPHA 1500 is an elegant motor glider with a large carrier area with controlled ailerons, rudder and elevator powered by a powerful brushless motor. The rugged - yet very lightweight - EPP foam construction guarantees excellent crash resistance or at least is very easy to repair if any damage occurs. The engine is powered by a lightweight Li-poly battery with a large capacity and the model is controlled by a four-channel RC set 2.4 GHz FHSS ensuring high interference immunity. Of course, there is no need to worry about crystals and free / busy channels ... We just made sure that your way to success is wide open, and your first steps have not complicated concerns of "material nature".

The Alpha 1500 comes with a fuselage with a mounted motor (rotating shell, 60 g, 1050 rpm on V), regulator 18 A (for Li-Po and NiCd / NiMH) and elevator servos is molded from foam EPP, the wing area is reinforced by plywood reinforcement into which the wing coupling is anchored. The cab cover is removable with mechanical locks. The two-piece wing with a profile with a straight underside is also molded from EPP, the wings are controlled by 2 servos mounted in the wing with short straight wire rods. The wing halves are connected with a 4 mm steel wire connector and secured by tightening the plastic set screws. Tails in a classic arrangement are pressed from EPP, are controlled by wire cable. They are attached to the fuselage using a pair of screws. The propeller is hinged, with a turbo-cone with an opening for cooling air inlet in the center. Cooling of the engine, regulator and battery is assisted by additional cooling air inlets on the sides of the bow, the necessary outlets for heated air are on the sides of the fuselage in the space under the wing.

Preparing for the flight includes only screwing the tail surfaces, fitting the wing halves and connecting the propulsion battery. Controlled by ailerons, rudder, elevator and engine speed.

The model is controlled by a standard four-channel 2.4GHz FHSS (Frequency Spread Spectrum) system with Mode 2 cross controls (throttle left), trim and deflection switches for all channels. It is also equipped with a charging connector for charging transmitter batteries in the transmitter (suitable chargers are Hitec CG-22, CG-S32, Thunder Tiger AT2140). To power the transmitter you will need 4 AA (AA) alkaline batteries or accumulators (not included in the RC set). If you don't like holding the transmitter in your hands, you can add it with a Hitec strap (# 8311) or place it in the Optic 6 transmitter console (just be more generous with foam tape around the sides of the transmitter box).

As with our other sets (Skylady, Cessny 480 ...), RC equipment can later be used in other models of the same category.

ALPHA 1500 is designed for beginners - as we always supply - under the supervision of an experienced pilot, as well as for anyone who just wants to fly on a nice holiday. Flight characteristics are pleasant, undeniable and precise model control. The model introduces you to a full-scale model control around all three axes; with the right coordinated rudder, aileron and elevator control. This "as if you find" experience at the latest as soon as you start flying with your first aerobatic model or (semi) dummy of any kind. By varying the ratio of the lever lengths on the servos and the rudders, you can adjust the magnitude of the deflections over a wide range. A beginner starts with small, safe even with excessive "steer"; An experienced pilot sets up a large one, allowing even a little of the basic glider aerobatics - loops, barrel rolls, headland turns are easy for the Alpha to do! The engine power is sufficient for a steady climb at an angle of about 45 °, so you only need a moment to climb to a sufficient height for hunting thermals! The Alpha 1500 reacts very sensitively to weak thermals and easily settles into a small diameter ascending chimney thanks to precise control around all axes.

The ALPHA 1500 is supplied with a 7.4 V 1500 mAh Li-poly battery (15C capacity), which corresponds to a 10x6 "folding" propeller. You can also power the Alpha from a 3-cell Li-poly battery, but in this case, you need to mount a 1 inch (25 mm) smaller propeller to avoid motor and controller overload. Remember that due to the large cone diameter of the 10x6 "propeller, it will create 9x6" blades (eg Graupner 1336.23.15). For smaller propellers for a three-cell - ie 9x6 "- you only need 8x6" blades (eg Graupner 1336.20.15).

RC set includes: EPP molded fuselage with AC motor mounted, 10x6 "folding propeller, 18A speed controller, 6-channel 2.4GHz FHSS receiver and 2 servos, EPP molded wing with 2 servos installed, EPP tails, steel wing splice, four-channel Transmitter CADET 4 V3 2.4GHz FHSS with Cross Controls in Mode 2, battery Li-poly 7.4 V 1500 mAh (15C), 12 V quick charger and detailed construction and flying instructions.

Tip for beginners - ALPHA glider is especially good


If you want to fly the Alpha very boldly, we recommend adjusting the rudder deflections as follows:

  • Ailerons - fasten both aileron rods into the third hole from the end in the servo levers and into the last holes in the aileron levers (furthest away from the ailerons)
  • Elevator - attach the elevator rod to the third hole from the end in the servo lever and to the last hole in the elevator lever (furthest from the elevator)
  • Rudder - fix the rudder rod into the second hole from the end in the servo lever and into the last hole in the rudder lever (furthest from the rudder)
When moving the Z-bend linkage on the rudder and elevator servo levers, the levers must first be removed from the servos - unscrew their mounting bolts and carefully pull the levers from the square on the servo output shaft. When refitting, check the neutral position of all rudders with the RC set on - follow the instructions in the manual.
  • Wingspan [mm]: 1510 ; Length [mm]: 930 ; Weight [g]: 690 ; Wing Area [dm2]: 22.3 ; RC Control: Rudd,Elev,Ail,Mot ; Building difficuilty: S0 ; Difficuilty of piloting: P1,P2

Wing span [mm] 1510
Length [mm] 930
Weight [g] 690
Wing surface [dm2] 22.3
Controlled functions S,V,K,M
Build difficulty S0
Operating difficulty P1,P2

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