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Charger SkyRC NC2600

Advanced technology

SkyRC NC2600 is a charger and AA/AAA battery tester, which has many specialized features. With this device you will get optimal power, turbo fast charging (charging current up to 2600 mA) and the longest battery life. The charger has four independent compartments for simultaneous charging of AA and AAAA batteries. Due to different battery capacity, you can set the charging current for each port separately or for all at once. The charger has functions for charging, discharging, refreshing, testing, formatting and cyclic charge/discharge. The charger has separate LCD charging status displays for each battery. Ideal for home, office or travel use.


Ease of programming

Seven intuitive buttons (four slot buttons and three operation buttons) allow you to quickly and easily program the desired operation. Large LCD display with backlighting allows easy reading of parameters. The screen shows operating mode, charging current, charged capacity, voltage and charging time. 


Control by application

The charger has a Bluetooth function, so you can control the device from your smartphone. What's more, on a mobile device, you can access functions such as peak delta and off charge voltage, as well as data such as battery temperature, internal resistance and more. Find the NC2600 and manage the charger.






NC2600 charger
Power supply                                                

Charging current: 0.2 A - 2.6 A
Delta Peak: 5 mV / 3-15mV (with application)
Discharge current: 0,1- 1 A
Final discharge voltage: 0.9 V / 0.5 - 1 V (with application)
Battery capacity: 500 - 3500 mAh
Number of cycles: 1 - 12
Final charging current: 100 mA
Back-up charging current: 30 mA / 0 mA, 10 -50 mA (with application)
Thermal protection: 55° / 55°-70°C (with application)
Power supply current: 12 V / 2.5 A
USB current: 5 V / 2.1 A
Weight: 360 g
Dimensions: 154 x 104 x 51 mm