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ISTONE-A ACRO is a 6-axis Gyro & Stabilizer for airplane, suitable for normal wing, fly-wing, and V-tail airplanes. It is used to connect with the receiver to control the flight, supports Gyro Off, Normal, Aerobatic, and Auto-balance (Safe) modes, compatible with S.BUS and PWM receivers. You can set the programmable items via SET button and LEDs.

Compared to ISTONE-A ACRO, ISTONE-A PRO adds an Auto-balance (Safe) Mode. When switch the airplane to Safe Mode from any other modes in an emergency, the airplane will recover to the level flight automatically, which it is known as one-click rescue. This mode is suitable for the new beginners or the FPV (First Person View) applications.

Detrum IStone Pro Features:

  • 32-bit high-performance ARM MCU, 6-axis sensor chipset
  • Original attitude stabilization algorithm and control algorithm
  • Support normal wing, fly wing, and V-tail airplanes
  • Support mode switch via MODE channel, can switch between different modes
  • Four flight modes: Gyro Off Mode, Normal Mode, Aerobatic Mode, and Auto-balance (Safe) Mode
  • Program via SET button and LEDs, adjust the gain for aileron, elevator, and rudder via three potentiometers
  • Support S.BUS and PWM receivers
  • Mini dimension, supporting different mounting directions (face up, down, left, and right)
  • You can switch to Auto-balance (Safe) Mode when the aircraft flying unstable or you cannot control very well

Spec Check:

  • Main Controller: 32-bit MCU
  • Sensor: 6-axis gyro
  • Gyro Scale Range: -2000dps ~ +2000dps
  • Accelerometer Scale Range: -4g ~ +4g
  • Input Signal: PWM, S.BUS
  • Output Signal: PWM (71.4Hz)
  • Input Voltage: 4.8V ~ 7.4V
  • Operating Temp: -20? ~ 70?
  • Size: 36.5mm*29.4mm*12.4mm
  • Weight: 11g

What's Included:

  • ISTONE-A ACRO Gyro & Stabilizer ×1
  • 3-signal wire ×1
  • Anti-shock double sided tape ×2
  • Single-signal wire ×1

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