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RAYTRONIC C2 Lead Acid charger 1A

Small charger for 2, 6, 12V lead-acid batteries with charging current 0.2-1A with automatic detection of cells and with automatic charging with constant current/constant voltage. Mains supply 230V/50Hz. LED indication of charging process.

Raytronic C2 is very easy-to-use "pocket" charger for charging lead-acid batteries with a nominal voltage of 2, 6 or 12V. Charging current of 0.2–1A is reliable for most NiMH batteries used in hobby boat models, for ignition or for starting combustion engines with a capacity of approximately 2–20 Ah.

A charged battery is connected to the charger via power cord with crocodile clips. Charging is in constant current/charging at constant voltage (CC/CV), and charging progress is signalised by a LED indicator on the charger.

Basic features:

  • Mains supply 230V/50–60Hz
  • For charging 2, 6, 12V lead-acid batteries
  • Charging current 0.2–1A
  • Output charging voltage 2.4V, 7.2V, 14.4V
  • Automatic cell count detection
  • Standard mode of charging - constant current/charging at a constant voltage
  • Operating states signalised by LED indicator
  • Warning signalisation when connecting a battery with a reversed polarity
  • Power cord with crocodile clips
  • Compact pocket-sized plastic case


Set includes:

  • Charger Raytronic C2
  • User manual

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