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Habotest HT601A Gas Detector with Alarm


Habotest HT601A gas leak detector

The Habotest gas leak detector is characterized by high sensitivity and accuracy. With its help, you will quickly make a measurement, the result of which will be displayed on a clear, color LCD screen. The HT601A also has an audible alarm. The HT601A is handy and durable - it will prove useful in many applications.


Fast, accurate, versatile

The device provides a very fast response, and thanks to its extremely sensitive sensor, it can operate with an accuracy of up to ±10 F.S. It detects leaks of several different gases, such as methane, carbon monoxide, hexane and acetylene, among others. So you will use it in many ways. The colorful HD display makes working with the device much easier. You will find there, among other things, the measurement results presented in the form of a bar chart, as well as a low battery indicator.


The reliable device you need

The detector is lightweight, compact and fits perfectly in your hand. It is made in such a way that it can serve you perfectly for many years. Durable, hard wearing and not prone to damage - it will surprise you with its reliable performance. It is also easy to transport - you can safely take it with you wherever you need it. It requires 3 AAA 1.5V batteries, which must be purchased separately.




Brand Habotest
Model HT601A HT601B
Range 0-9999PPM/0.00-20.00%LEL 0-9999PPM/0.00-20.00%LEL
Detected gases Combustible gas Combustible gas
Accuracy Not applicable ≤10% FS (Methane)
Sensitivity <50PPM (Methane) <50PPM (Methane)
Response time <2s <2s
Warm-up time About 30s About 30s
Display of measurement results Bargraph Digit + bargraph
Alarm Visual and audible Visual and audible
Auto/manual zero Auto zero Auto or manual zero
Auto power off Yes Yes
Low battery indication Yes Yes
Flexible probe About 16 inches About 16 inches
Power supply 3x AAA 1.5V battery (included) 3x AAA 1.5V battery (included)
Weight About 350g About 350g
Dimensions 225x60x33mm 225x60x33mm

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