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Charger SkyRC MC3000


Product description

Advanced technology

The MC3000 charger was born out of the need for SkyRC to create a versatile, precise and powerful charger that fits into single-purpose, cylindrical batteries. Thanks to this product you will no longer experience problems with baskets, cabling, clamps and other DIY solutions.


Unique charger

MC3000 has been designed with the need to create a versatile, precise and powerful SkyRC charger adapted to single-purpose cylindrical batteries. With this charger you will no longer experience problems with baskets, handles, cumbersome wiring, clamps and similar DIY solutions. MC3000 is adapted to a wide range of sizes (more than 42) and types (more than 7) of batteries that charge at 3 A and discharge at 2 A.




Functionality and safety

The charger has 6 modes of operation - charging, discharging, refreshing, forming (only for NiMH, NiCd, Eneloop), loading/unloading and storage cycle (only for Lixx). Rubber feet and 10° inclination allows a better view of the charging and increases cooling efficiency at the bottom of the charger. The safety of the charger is ensured by many types of limits - time, voltage, capacity, etc.

Efficient cooling

Two built-in aluminum fans effectively dispose of heat generated by the charger. Cooling ensures effective air exchange, even at low operating speeds.



Clear display

The 128x64 pixel screen shows 5 different work tabs. 8 Buttons guarantee easy programming and operation. 4 numbering buttons represent the same battery slot. The other buttons are used to operate the charger. The device allows you to save up to 30 charging profiles, which can be called up and used for current charging at any time with a few clicks.



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