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HobbyTech BX8-SL RUNNER 1/8th 4WD RTR

This totally new innovative design has been developed for 3 years to reduce at the maximum the weight of the car keeping the 1/8 scale size and durability . We have continuously improved the performances of the platform to be able to use a lighter electronics.
We save more than 1kg compared to a standard 1/8 buggy size equipped with electronic components.
With its 550 size brushed motor and 7.2v battery, the sensation on the track is similar than a standard 1/10th racing buggy with the size of 8th scale, as well as a very important cost saving, a price less than £210 for an RTR car including battery and charger. This is just the future !


  • Height : 175 mm
  • Wheelbase : 322 mm
  • Front width : 306 mm
  • Rear width : 310 mm
  • Front ride height : 54 mm
  • Rear ride height : 56 mm
  • Weight : 2180g


Inside the box :

  • Buggy 1/8th BX8SL RUNNER RTR buggy with stickered body
  • Konect 1800mah Nimh battery and USB charger
  • KT2S+ radio system
  • Instruction manual


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