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Mon-Tech Mon-Tech GTI Vision FWD (190 mm)

Mon-Tech Racing from Italy have introduced their new GTI Vision body shell for 1/10th scale front-wheel drive touring cars. The lid features an aggressive look and a very high level of detail with an adjustable rear wing that can be attached in a low, mid or high position, allowing to fine-tune the aerodynamic performance of the body. The body was designed using the latest 3D software for accuracy and it is produced in Italy using high-quality Lexan polycarbonate. Included come a detailed decal sheet including headlights and grille stickers, window masks and wing mounting hardware.

All the Mon-tech Racing body are designed and produced in Italy inside the Mon-Tech company.

The kit includes the masking of the windows, the decals of the headlights and grilles, and the adhesive graphics have been added, as shown in the photo.

The bodyshell is in clear Lexan and not coloured

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