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CREW 4X Crawler RTR

Crawler RTR model car 1:10 is a really nicely designed build on a typical ladder frame powered by a brushed motor 540/20T.15kg servo with metal gears and ALU horn position at the front, can cope with difficult terrain without any problems. For demanding users, there is also the option to purchase an upgrade of prepared tuning metal parts and accessories.6cells NiMh batteries of 2200mAh is included in the rear part of model. Servo, receiver and 40A HOBBYWING watterproof electronic speed contoller makes a partial counterweight at the front of the model.For longer expedition trips and for the best enjoyment, we recommend to have a more higher battery capacity around 4000mAh.RTR contain:- complete assembled model ready to run- RC 2,4GHz pistol transmitter- power accumulator NiMh 2200mAh/7,2V- charger- accessories


Accumulator: NiMh 2200/7,2V ; TX battery: 4x AA ; Lenght [mm]: 510 ; Frequency [GHz]: 2.4 ; Weight [kg] [kg]: 2.58 ; Scale: 1:10 ; Servo gears: metal ; Stroke [mm]: 80 ; Height [mm]: 245 ; Width [mm]: 230