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ARRMA Fury 2WD Mega Brushed Short Course Truck 1/10 RTR

Product description

Realistic race truck design, with huge sturdy Rammern, chassis and body protection against all types of weather. The Fury fear is safe from any ski jump.
- Waterproof Mega WP 12 T Travel controller (ESC) with 2S LiPo protection
- Electric motor Mega 15T Brushed 540
7.2 V 2000 mAh NiMH battery with t plug
ADC N6 Multi Region plug charger (700 mAh)
- Adopts waterproof ads 5 V2 Servo (5kg/6 V)
- Tactic TTX300 2.4 GHz 3 channel SLT R/C system
- Waterproof receiver box
- dBoots Sidewinder 2 x SC Fibre Optic complete wheels with black 5-spoke rims
- Reinforced plastic/metal transmission gears
- Large Öldruckdämpfer
Full ball bearings
- Steel Kardane and Radachsen
- Plastic Picture Frame Chassis
Elaborately printed car body
Technical details:
Length: 540 mm
Width: 295 mm
Height: 200 mm (8 ") or 250 mm (10)
Wheel Base: 330 mm
Clearance: 40 mm.
Weight: 2195 g (including driving battery)
Size Battery
Cradle (L x W x H): 157X48X27 mm
RC functions (proportional):
Pack of 4 batteries for the transmitter (Type AA

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