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B64 / B64D Schelle Chassis Protector

The B64 and B64D Schelle Chassis Protector is an authentic product printed by UpGrade RC.   Made in the USA from the highest quality vinyl materials. 

  1. Front wraps around chassis edge and under bumper for added security.
  2. Custom trim for replaceable front skid section due to the high wear rates on B64 platform.
  3. Pulled back front corners trimmed to prevent peel offs behind the kickup.
  4. Schelle protectors come with 2 extra replacement rear skids.
  5. Sticky re-usable vinyl that you can peel back and re-apply for maintenance.
  6. Made in the USA.  This is the best chassis tape material you can get, hands down.
  7. Fits B64 and B64D chassis.  

Pro Tip: Clean with motor spray, windex, etc.. before applying decal.   Align the front edge as instructed with the center hole in the bumper (remov bumper for install)