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HoBao Hyper 10 RTR GT Version

We are pleased to announce the release of the HoBao Hyper 10 nitro touring car in ready-to-run format. This new updated RC touring car provides first time enthusiasts and hobby shop owners with an inexpensive, yet competitive package all for well under £200. By including a whole range of features normally reserved for more expensive radio control RTR vehicles the Hyper 10 can provide the user hours of enjoyment, whether they are just looking for some parking lot fun or a stepping stone to the local RC club.

Power comes from the HoBao Hyper 12 pull start engine, HoBao's own inhouse powerplant, designed to provide great all round power, whilst being easy to set-up for first time users. Unlike other similar priced RTR touring cars the HoBao Hyper 10 RTR comes standard with aluminium tuned pipe and manifold.

Features include:
HoBao branded Futaba 2-channel radio
Pre-painted bodyshell (choice of two)
Pre-glued treaded tyres on chrome wheels
Hyper 12 pull start engine
Aluminium oil filled shocks
Blue aluminium anodised chassis parts
Tuned pipe
2-speed gearbox
Front and rear geared diffs
Front universal CVA driveshafts
Fuel bottle

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